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Your Floral: PROFESSIONAL by Living Alchemy

Your Floral: PROFESSIONAL by Living Alchemy

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IBD Relief ™

Your Flora® PROFESSIONAL is the perfection of years of research and development utilizing our unique diverse strain Kefir-Kombucha fermentation process Symbio™. The result is the creation of the most effective combination of live micro-organisms and nutrition to create a living ecosystem of life within its natural habitat. Your Flora® PROFESSIONAL helps support intestinal/gastrointestinal health and promotes favorable gut flora.

Powered by the high potency of Kefi-Soy™, Your Flora® PROFESSIONAL is a clinically therapeutic formula of a powerful whole food Symbiotic including probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, and nutrients to support an impaired digestion, immunity and gastrointestinal health.

IBD Relief ™
Complete Gut Relief
Whole Food Symbiotic including Probiotics, Prebiotics, Enzymes & Nutrients
Diverse Strains of Beneficial Micro-Organisms
Proven 80% Survival of Microbes"

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