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Your Flora: STRESS LESS by Living Alchemy

Your Flora: STRESS LESS by Living Alchemy

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Daily Adrenal & Cortisol Support

STRESS LESS a one of kind formulation that includes multiple fermentation activated adaptogens targeted to support the adrenal system to respond to stress efficiently. Also includes a nervine herb that promotes calmness to the nervous system; together these herbs give you the synergistic solution you need, in times you need it most. Independent studies show the benefits of these herbs to effectively manage stress and promote calmness.

Living Alchemy uses a unique living culture fermentation process Symbio™, a traditional Kefir-Kombucha fermentation with diverse strains of live micro-organisms that convert a select blend of certified organic foods and herb into a living matrix of bioactivated nutrients, enzymes and beneficial flora.

Reduces high stress levels
Relieves restlessness & nervousness
Promotes mood balancing
Optimizes cognitive & nerve support.
Daily energy & adrenal support

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