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Your Flora: SENSITIVE by Living Alchemy

Your Flora: SENSITIVE by Living Alchemy

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Symbiotic for Digestive Irritation

Expertly formulated, Living Alchemy Your Flora® SENSITIVE is a fermented, whole food Symbiotic that helps calms irritable digestion, cools digestive irritation and relaxes stressed digestion.

Your Flora® SENSITIVE uses a unique living culture fermentation process Symbio™, a traditional Kefir-Kombucha fermentation with diverse strains of live micro-organisms, combined with organic peppermint and lemon balm specifically for those requiring gut flora support that relaxes stressed digestion and cools irritation.

Powered by Kefi-Soy™, Your Flora® SENSITIVE is unique formula with diverse strains of probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes and nutrients to support daily digestion, immunity and gastrointestinal health.

"Calms Irritable Digestion
Cools Digestive Irritation
Relaxes Stressed Digestion
Optimizes Healthy Gut Flora & Immune Support"

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