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Your Flora: HOLY BASIL ALIVE by Living Alchemy

Your Flora: HOLY BASIL ALIVE by Living Alchemy

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Calms the Mind & Uplifts the Spirit

Expertly formulated, Living Alchemy HOLY BASIL Alive is a fermented whole herb solution to calm the mind, brighten mood, promote relaxation and reduce stress hormones.

Living Alchemy uses the ancient art of fermentation to activate Holy Basil into its superior form for HOLY BASIL Alive. We use the finest organic Holy Basil for our unique living culture fermentation process Symbio™, a traditional Kefir-Kombucha fermentation with diverse strains of live micro-organisms, combined with organic lemon balm specifically for those requiring a calming and uplifting natural solution. This unique activation delivers the complete synergy of the whole herb within a living food matrix for exceptional absorption and effectiveness.

Calms the Mind & Uplifts the Spirit
Promotes Relaxation & Reduces Stress Hormones
Supports the Nervous System
Physical & Mental Stress Support For Modern Day

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